Cooper Split or Revolvo SRB Split Roller Bearings


The 2 main competitors in the split roller bearing market are SKF Cooper Split bearings and Timken Revolvo SRB bearings. We are told that there are differences which make on brand better than the other, in this article we try to uncover whether there really is a reason to buy one over the other.

Both brands offer the same overall benefit over solid bearings;

  • No need to dismantle machines to change bearings leading to reduced downtime.

Lets break down the additional sales pitch behind each brands offer;

SKF Cooper Split Bearings

    • cooper split bearingIncreased load ratings
    • Lower maintenance costs
    • Self locking steel cage




Revolvo SRB Bearings

  • Revolvo SRBSimplified mounting procedures including innovative clip design.
  • Improved sealing efficiency.
  • Higher performance brass cage.



From the descriptions its still not clear if one unit will give you better performance over the other. Lets look at some of the statement in more detail to build a better picture of performance. For this instance I’ve used the details of a common smallest series 80mm bore option.

As a good indication of expected bearing life first up is the load ratings for similar bearings;

Brand Bearing Dynamic Load C Max Speed
Cooper 01/01E Series 80mm 234kN 2790 RPM
S.R.B Light series 80mm 187kN 2790 RPM

According the bearing ratings there is a clear winner with the Cooper Split bearing having a 25% greater dynamic load rating than the equivalent SRB bearings. In my view this is a significant difference in potential bearing life and may alone override any difference in the cost of the bearing itself.

Secondly lets look at the sealing options available, as contamination prevention is critical to any bearing life benefits, and would negate improved load ratings if there is a significant difference;

Brand Felt Single Lip Aluminum triple labyrinth Spring loaded single lip Grease groove labyrinth High temperature packing Single Lip with garter spring and retaining plate Kevlar Packing
Cooper Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
S.R.B Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes

As you can see there are more sealing options available if using the Revolvo SRB option, but would only be used in special high contamination applications and may not be a reason alone to choose this brand. What would you choose?


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